Mass Cards

Announced Masses

Giving a Mass card, and with it the promise of the Eucharist being celebrated for a particular intention, has long been a way of expressing support, sympathy and care for a relative or friend or simply to thank God for favors received. You can request an announced Mass to be said for a living or deceased family member, friend or loved one by coming in person to the Rectory Office. Please consult our hours of operation before stopping by to ensure a secretary will be available to assist you.

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Parish Registrations

If you would like to register at the parish, please contact the rectory at 215-493-3377 ext. 211 to schedule an appointment or visit us during our hours of operation and we would be happy to assist you. You may also register online: Online Registration

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Parish Hall Rental

Our Parish Hall is now available for rental.  Below are the rental rates.  All rentals will require insurance and a signed service agreement. (View a sample service agreement)  If interested please complete our online rental request form: RENTAL REQUEST

Private Rental Use Fee $300.00

Public Event / Not for Profit Use Fee $750.00

Additional Fees:
Tenant Users Liability insurance premium, if applicable $145.00
Setup Fee (if required) $225
Security Deposit  $150.00

Fees shall be paid as follows:

The total of all hall rental fees along with a $150 security deposit shall be paid in advance in order to reserve the hall.

Please Note: The Security Deposit shall be refunded after the event provided the hall is left in acceptable condition. If a setup fee is paid, the security deposit of $150.00 will be waived.

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Table and Chair Rental

To borrow tables and/or chairs from the parish, please contact the rectory at 215-493-3377 ext. 211. Please give at least 72 hours notice.

Table and Chair Rental Form

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Update My Parish Census Record

To update your parish census record, please fill out the following form and submit it to the rectory.

Registration Paperwork

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Obtain a Statement of Contributions

To request information regarding a statement of contributions, please contact the parish secretary at 215-493-3377 ext. 211, or e-mail with your name, address, and phone number.

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Request a Sacramental Record

To request a Sacramental Record, please call the rectory at 215-493-3377 ext. 211 and the secretary will assist you.

Please note: The church in which you received the Sacrament is the one who holds the records for a particular Sacrament Please have ready the date of the Sacrament.

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Request a Certificate of Eligibility

To request a Certificate of Eligibility, please call the rectory at 215-493-3377 ext 211 and the secretary will assist you. Please note the following requirements to receive a certificate of eligibility.

The Church requirements for Roman Catholic Godparents are:

  • A child must have at least one practicing Roman Catholic godparent in good standing with the Church. This Catholic godparent must be at least 16 years old and be mature enough to understand, accept and carry out the duties of a godparent.
  • A godparent must have received the Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation. If married, the marriage must be recognized by the Catholic Church.
  • A godparent must be living an exemplary life consistent with faith and morals as taught by the Roman Catholic Church.
  • A godparent must be actively practicing the faith.
  • A non-Catholic, baptized Christian may be chosen as a Christian Witness, as long as one godparent is Catholic.

Please note: A Godparent cannot be someone who is a Baptized Catholic but now practices another religion.

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